Transac training courses are designed to deliver focused learning based upon individual, team or organisational objectives


Transac training courses are designed around the specific needs of an individual client or equipment contract. Transac provide training with all equipment packages, but take a broader view of customer requirements to ensure that the training component compliments other aspects of operational procedure and overall capability. The aim is to deliver focused learning based upon individual, team or organisational objectives. In most cases, Transac will assist by conducting a thorough ‘Training Needs Analysis’ as a first step in implementation of a ‘Systems Approach to Training’ (SAT), thereby ensuring a robust training model allowing for future programme development.

Transac technical trainers are all typically former members of UK, US or wider NATO EOD, Search or Special Forces units with a wealth of knowledge and recent operational experience, many having instructed within ‘Centres of Excellence’ within their military careers. Transac Training Teams (TTT) regularly conduct both UK based and in-country equipment training courses in order to ensure that clients have the necessary knowledge and practical skills to operate and maintain any newly purchased equipment. Additional tactical training is most often provided to ensure that clients are highly efficient in the utilisation of specialist equipment within the operational context.


The Transac Team take pride in providing user focused technical support and a comprehensive maintenance service for all of our clients. Transac provide this unparalleled level of customer support through dedicated in country maintenance teams, fully equipped to service and repair a wide range of security equipment, or field service engineers ready to deploy internationally from the UK base. Transac specialist field service engineers reach around the globe to provide the equipment servicing function and operational assistance that many of our clients require. Although all of our major equipment suppliers provide comprehensive warranties, Transac often act a bridge to ensure that any integrated equipment package is maintained at the optimum level and can offer a Research and Development service to upgrade products or extend in service life.

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