Transac is a leading global supplier of mobile integrated security systems and continues to expand its range of highly specialised vehicle based solutions in support of defence and security forces

Counter Terrorism Technology

Transac has deployed hundreds of specialist security vehicles to its global client base, with all of our special projects tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Our in house team have the engineering and technical competences, experience and industry product awareness to deliver the very latest technological advances within the wider counter terrorism arena. As independent operators we can provide clients with access to superior equipment and technology, ensuring the most appropriate solution is recommended.

Continual research, development, rigorous testing and evaluation procedures ensure that Transac are able to offer innovative and flexible solutions ahead of the field. The Transac emphasis on quality safeguards both operational reliability and longevity, thereby optimising any return on investment. Transac liaise directly with leading manufacturers from around the world, introducing product enhancements and developing new solutions to defeat emerging terrorist threats.


Transac are able to select appropriate proven vehicle platforms for projects or can modify almost any type of chassis to suit a client’s requirements. Factors such as off-road use and local climatic conditions are taken into account to develop a finished vehicle that is compliant with required relevant standards.  Development and construction is carried out at a secure UK site where our highly experienced craftsmen use the latest manufacturing processes.

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The integration of high technology security and communications systems ensures that equipment sourced from different countries, from different leading manufacturers and with differing power and...

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Training & Support

Transac training courses are designed around the specific needs of an individual client or equipment contract. Transac Training Teams (TTT) provide training with all equipment packages, but take a...

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Threat Assessment

Transac have delivered threat focused, economic solutions ranging from minor new technology equipment upgrades through to extensive vehicle, equipment and training...

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As a non-affiliated independent consultancy company, Transac are able to advise clients on a wide range of counter terrorist strategies, capability development and equipment programmes in order to...

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